Day 7: I’m never leaving my MacBook again.

STATUS: I got my Air back! I’ve got some CSS for Thinglistr! In other words, I *basically* got nothing done today.

MOOD: Energetic!

So I got the MacBook. Of course I had to deal with Citibank for an hour because they thought that I was trying to fraud them YET AGAIN. (This has happened EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. since getting my new AAdvantage card. American’s miles must be worth something if they’re this strict.)

I started working at around 11pm. I planned to begin work at 8 or so. My goal for next week: leave work earlier and get on top of my times! Sleeping at 2am every day for ~2 hours of work is unsustainable and ineffective.

I mostly finished the Meteor tutorial and figured that now was a good time to start building from it and begin putting the CSS for the page together. That’s as far as I got.

Despite not getting much done today (my goal was to have laid down the CSS), my productivity has improved by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, especially after switching to Firefox full-time. (Vimperator is unbelievably amazing; Vimium doesn’t even come close.) I will never use anything that doesn’t support virtual spaces and real terminals again. Ever.


Day 7: I’m never leaving my MacBook again.

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