Day 15: Competition.

Since I’m participating in Startup Weekend this weekend and won’t have a free Saturday to spare, I decided to move that Saturday to yesterday and see Pitch Perfect 2 with my girlfriend. Great flick, but completely forgettable.

I didn’t do much work last night, but what I *did* do was finally do some research on my competition. I think I’m in good shape for a few reasons:

1. Most of my competitors focus curating events instead of aggregating them. Curation requires a lot of people (for discovery), connections (also for discovery) and time. Aggregation solves for this by amassing tons of data from the same channels the curators use and making smart decisions about its presentation. This requires far fewer manual labor.

2. If the aggregation model proves to be successful, we can consider moving towards a manual curation model and upsell it as a premium product.

Despite this, there is one company that I’m with direct competition with. Their app is pretty well executed and works well. They also aggregate events worldwide, which is where I’d like to eventually land up. Nonetheless, I am confident in believing that I can offer more value by:

1. Having a more intuitive layout that’s focused on the *now* (my hypothesis is that people are much more concerned about things happening around them last-minute), and

2. Making my language parsing engine accurate enough to detect events being posted onto any source without intervention.

That said, all of this makes me wonder whether people really just prefer curated events over aggregated ones. Only time will tell.

Day 15: Competition.

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