Day 31: Calendars are like maps for the brain but with less Adam Levine.

Status: Yelp API for thinglistr is almost done! The hard part gets done this weekend!

Mood: Feelin’ alright.


Before I write my post:

  • HOLY SHIT, I’ve been at this for a month and haven’t quit yet!
  • Are you a developer looking to roll your own OAuth library? Here’s how: don’t. Just. fucking. don’t.

I have a terrible memory. If I forget to book something in my calendar, it will get forgotten. This isn’t a new development, either; I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. (I hustled hard in middle school to get a used Palm V so I could stop forgetting shit. It worked! I also made essentially no friends during those three years, since technology wasn’t cool yet and I, unfortunately (at the time), lived and breathed it.)

So what happens when a guy like me attempts to plan time for a startup, a full-time job, a thrice-weekly lifting routine (push/pull/legs for the curious; I’m still cutting), a few coffee meetings and personal stuff…all in their head?

Nothing good; that’s what.

After canceling one meeting and missing another one because of the timing not working out (that’s the kind of shit that happens when guys like me plan with their minds), I sat down for about an hour and scheduled my daily routine down to the commute. I then saw the root cause for me feeling so rushed and cramped all of the time: I never actually allocated time for building this business. So every block of time I thought I had open wasn’t really open, which means that every time I planned something with someone weeks ahead of time, I almost always risked sacrificing product development time.

Organizing my calendar was super-relieving! Planning stuff should be a little smoother now.

Day 31: Calendars are like maps for the brain but with less Adam Levine.

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