Day 36: “I’m not a businessman/ I’m a business, man”

STATUS: I’m close to having my first set of recurring events. It scans through my data really fast, though it can be faster still. Awesome.



Firstly, thanks to all of you that are following my page! I hope you’re enjoying what I’m writing, and if you aren’t, feel free to email me about why it sucks!


Check out!

Serious face for emphasis. It’s essentially thinglistr’s twitter, but prettier and a little closer to what thinglistr will actually look like when I release it.

Thirdly, I realized this morning that the real challenge in doing this alone is that I’m essentially doing the job of four people, at once, on limited time! Right now, I’m a programmer, “growth hacker,” social media expert and marketing firm, all rolled up into one body.

It’s hard work that’s already come with its own ups and downs, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the learning experience. I’m doing things I would have never learned in any full-time job without switching careers entirely, and that’s pretty cool.

Day 36: “I’m not a businessman/ I’m a business, man”

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