Day 96: I. Need. More. Time.

STATUS: Really slow going. I’ve got some of the components written and tested, but it’s a while to go before alpha. But I’m being showered in interviews for new consulting-like gigs, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

MOOD: Fuckin’ tired


I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. The code I wrote for the true MVP was downright terrible. It worked, and I eventually got comfortable with the speed at which it did what it did, but scaling it up even slightly proved really difficult. (I wanted it to prepare a list of events for a mailing list, and modifying the script to work with MailChimp’s template was migraine-inducing when it shouldn’t be.)

So I had to make a choice: do I keep spending time running and maintaining shitty code while I get users, and leave the technical challenge of fixing things for later, or do I re-do the MVP with more stable, but not production ready, code that will make it easy for me to adjust as necessary?

After much thinking and a few event listing errors (the part of the script that created the events list mismatched Twitter handles and businesses, and the root cause for it seemed like yet another huge time sink), I decided to use what I’ve learned and start fresh.

It feels kind of like losing. I’ve been down for three weeks now and it’s killing me everyday. I wish I was doing more to attract users, but I have a feeling that doing what I’m doing will make it easy for me to grow faster, especially since I’m starting to pitch thinglistr at bigger stages.

Yet another day in the life of startup land.

Despite all of this, I am damn proud of myself for not having quit yet. It’s been nearly three months since I’ve started and I’m still really excited to see this damn beta go live.


Day 96: I. Need. More. Time.

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