Day 22: My mockups are so fire, I’M SIGNING MYSELF UP FOR THE WAIT LIST

STATUS: I spent a few hours putting together a mockup that actually doesn’t look like shit!



I’m tired and don’t have much to say (I sleep 4-5 hours now on the weekdays; I used to get 9. I’ll sleep WHEN I’M RICH(I just need five dollars)), but I spent a few hours putting these together and am DAMNED PROUD OF THEM.

Someone please deflate my pride and tell me why they suck terribly and that I should stick to my heralded drawing of stick figures (I actually can’t draw straight lines that well) and writing code…or something like that.


Figure 1: thinglistr on the desktop


Figure 2: thinglistr on mobile

Day 22: My mockups are so fire, I’M SIGNING MYSELF UP FOR THE WAIT LIST

Day 21: Mocking it up.

STATUS: Spent some time filling out my profile on, then spent some time mocking up my concept in Photoshop. It looks so hot. I can’t wait for it to drop.

MOOD: Apathetic. Still excited somehow!


Three weeks in and I’m still as excited as ever. I’m still learning a lot and messing up a lot, but it’s all really exciting. I wouldn’t want to be doing this without a job, though. Much respect to those guys/gals, as doing this without a steady paycheck is kind-of like trying to find marriage potential while single and living with your parents. It’s not impossible. It’s just really fucking hard.

Here’s what I came up with on Balsamiq. Looks like shit, seeing as how, well, Balsamiq.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 02.34.18

I always wanted to use Slashdot again! -nobody fucking ever.

Here’s my second attempt at it in a real program:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 02.38.45

Still pretty raw, but nowhere near as Slashdot as my last attempt.

I really can’t wait to drop this thing and make my first dollar out of thin air.

Day 21: Mocking it up.

Day 8: 30 more hours in a day would be awesome

Status: Finally have some custom HTML and CSS.

Mood: 100℅!

Saturdays are our designated date days, so no work was done yesterday. Yesterday was also our two year anniversary, and working on days that special is criminal.

I finally got to spend some quality time on Thinglistr today at a time that wasn’t ridiculous. I started tracking my goals on Trello and moved my ideas book into Evernote. (Google Keep is SORELY lacking.) I laid some more CSS and HTML down. I love Meteor. I hate Mobile First design. Nonetheless, I know I’ll absolutely need it if this thing is going to have any chance at taking off, and I don’t mind learning some new tricks.

It looks pretty bare at the moment, but it’s finally starting to kind-of look real!

I just realized that posting pictures of my progress would be cool, so I’ll start doing that tomorrow.

Day 8: 30 more hours in a day would be awesome