Day 28: Idea stealing is not a thing.

STATUS: Starting obligatory ad campaigns.

MOOD: Feeling great!


I absolutely LOVE telling people about what I’m working on. I love reading things that (might) help me get my project out into more people’s minds. More than either of those things, I LOVE hearing other people tell me how useful my project will be.

I’m spending the weekend in Memphis with my girlfriend. We didn’t know what to do tonight…and my girlfriend went to college here. After a few minutes of trying to find stuff, she tells me “you know what would be awesome? THINGLISTR MEMPHIS”

I agree!

(I also pitched thinglistr to an awesome guy named Patrick, whose father runs Brother Juniper’s, an AWESOME breakfast joint in Memphis. He taught me a lot about SEO. Great talk. Another thing I love about working on this startup is that people who are in the know actually want to help.)

Day 28: Idea stealing is not a thing.