Day 8: 30 more hours in a day would be awesome

Status: Finally have some custom HTML and CSS.

Mood: 100℅!

Saturdays are our designated date days, so no work was done yesterday. Yesterday was also our two year anniversary, and working on days that special is criminal.

I finally got to spend some quality time on Thinglistr today at a time that wasn’t ridiculous. I started tracking my goals on Trello and moved my ideas book into Evernote. (Google Keep is SORELY lacking.) I laid some more CSS and HTML down. I love Meteor. I hate Mobile First design. Nonetheless, I know I’ll absolutely need it if this thing is going to have any chance at taking off, and I don’t mind learning some new tricks.

It looks pretty bare at the moment, but it’s finally starting to kind-of look real!

I just realized that posting pictures of my progress would be cool, so I’ll start doing that tomorrow.

Day 8: 30 more hours in a day would be awesome