Day 27: Email ain’t easy, bro.

STATUS: Spent 12+ hours trying to migrate my personal email into Office 365 from gmail. Spent 0+ hours on thinglistr. Coffee maker didn’t get delivered. Fucking FedEx.

MOOD: Angry. Nothing fucking works.


So I decided to stay home today to wait on the coffee maker. I usually use Amazon Lockers for this, but the one nearby me was broken, so I took the chance.

I figured that this would (finally) be a good time to move off of gmail (again) and onto a service that’s more cross-platform. Surprisingly, Microsoft’s service seemed to fit the bill.

Here’s where 12+ of my hours went:

1) Setting up online, only to find out that it STILL only supports EAS on mobiles. Desktops have to use IMAP. No CalDAV or CardDAV either, so good luck getting your contacts and calendar on your mac.

2) Trying to share my Office 365 subscription with my girlfriend. Got my account locked out a few times.

3) My account got locked out permanently. Awesome. (Just spent a few hours migrating messages from a few gmail accounts onto it.)

4) Trying to port my phone number to my cellular plan from Google Voice didn’t happen right away as expected, and calls were dropping for some people but not others.

5) Decided that maybe getting Office 365 for Business was a better move (yay, personal domain name!). Forgot to disable two-factor auth on my domain management system, so need to get another one while that gets unlocked.

6) Setting this up was actually much smoother than expected….until I had to do the migration. (This is what I’m doing now.) No tools out there to make it easy; you’ve gotta move those mailboxes yourself.

7) REALLY sucks…but it’s pretty and simple.

I’m writing today off.

Day 27: Email ain’t easy, bro.